You Can Draw Comic Book Characters: A Step-By-Step Guide for Learning to Draw More Than 25 Comic Book Characters - Spencer Brinkerhoff Iii

de: Spencer Brinkerhoff Iii


Publicat de: Walter Foster Jr

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Learn to draw comic book characters with fun and easy, step-by-step drawing projects, and then design your own superheroes and villains.

Are you an aspiring cartoonist or comic book artist? Then You Can Draw Comic Book Characters is just for you Following the simple step-by-step projects in this fun and exciting book, beginning artists--both the young and the young at heart--will learn to draw a range of cute and original heroic and villainous comic characters, each with their own background story and superpower Tips, techniques, and easy-to-understand instructions for drawing faces, hair, costumes, and poses will help you create your own unique characters in no time. You'll not only learn how to design characters from scratch, but you'll also discover how to add dialog and tell a story using panels.

The book opens with helpful sections on tools and materials, essential drawing techniques , and color. This information ensures that you know the basics before getting started on the step-by-step projects that follow. Get to know and draw more than 25 fun characters, including:
    Jinx Tagget, whose discovery of the Star Stone allows her to control gravity with energy pulses from her hands (and therefore fly ) Tazu the Terror, whose greatest power is not his magical staff, but his ability to accurately predict the actions of his foes Monsclara, a powerful but clumsy alien race from the planet Marumei Battle Model KR-E2, fully sentient robots that want to wake up other KR robots Alleyne, the smallest person from a planet full of giants, who accidentally ended up on Earth after being zapped through a warp tunnel Cordy Seacliff, child genius, who created a jet-pack inspired by the old sci-fi movies he loves Babsti, professor and expert Egyptologist who discovered the secrets the cat goddess Bastet, whose powers she is now able to yield The Vortexer, an anti-hero consumed by jealousy who wears a technologically enhanced super suit with wrist-mounted vortex cannons And many more
Throughout the book, in between the drawing projects, are closer looks at how to create a complete comic book, including developing interesting heroes and villains, writing a story, adding dialog, and using panels. And included at the end of the book are templates to scan or photocopy and practice on over and over again. Drawing a character standing, running, flying, or zapping is easy with the included tips, techniques, and templates.

Cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by professional artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III, You Can Draw Comic Book Characters is the perfect introduction to comic book character illustration for cartoon artists-in-training
Anul 2020
Autor Spencer Brinkerhoff Iii
Categoria Drawing
Editura Walter Foster Jr
Pagini 96
Format Softcover
Varsta recomandata 3-5 ani

RECENZII You Can Draw Comic Book Characters: A Step-By-Step Guide for Learning to Draw More Than 25 Comic Book Characters - Spencer Brinkerhoff Iii de Spencer Brinkerhoff Iii

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