Womyn Rising: a quantum leap to feral heights - Georgi Stone

de: Georgi Stone


Publicat de: Georgi Stone

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Based on true experiences on women's land in Australia at various locations in the mid 1980s, this story weaves together many of the grassroots feminist tenets and motivation for seeking a lifestyle without men and outside the establishment. Through the eyes and travels of the author, a young radical feminist impulsed by her Saturn Return to leave everything near and dear to her in the city, this story reveals personal insights into why women at the time sought solace and community in rugged women-only wilderness. Survival off-grid evokes individual and collective resourcefulness and innovation. Many soul revelations take place in a land closer to the stars as questions on the quantum nature of existence evolve. Mother Earth inspires healing, song and creativity. Cut off from the status quo, new ways are invented and new skills awakened. Shedding the past, shedding limitation, these women discover far more than they have ever known.

Anul 2023
Autor Georgi Stone
Categoria General
Editura Georgi Stone
Pagini 234
Format Softcover

RECENZII Womyn Rising: a quantum leap to feral heights - Georgi Stone de Georgi Stone

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