Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love?, Paperback

de: Keith a. Lane


Publicat de: Creative

85.99 Lei

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Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love?, a thriller, romance, and thought-provoking, daring read that challenges readers to look beyond the prism of their everyday lives.

Following the story of one man's search for love in a Brazilian paradise, quickly discovering that life isn't always as it seems, Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love? dives deep under the beach parties and beautiful women, showcasing a side of Brazil that's not normally discussed.

The story follows protagonist Shawn Lane, a man filled with a thirst for adventure and a vision for making a difference. Stricken by wanderlust, the storyline kicks into gear when Shawn decides to visit Brazil to begin his journey of discovery and love and romance in Brazil.

At first, enchanted with the parties, the women, and the food, Shawn thinks he's found paradise. Everything on a surface level is charming and seemingly blissful. But, slowly, he discovers that Brazil is a land of paradoxes, quickly turning from a wonderland to a nightmare.

While Shawn taught English in Brazil, someone was trying to kill him. And he had a close call with cannibals. All of it is true, and inspiration for Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love?

Why Do Men Go To Brazil For Love? will challenge everything readers previously thought they knew about the South American country, from the culture, to the women that traverse its streets.

Anul 2019
Autor Keith a. Lane
Cod de bare 9780964195110
Editura Creative
Dimensiuni 21.59 x 14
ISBN 0964195119
Limba Engleza
Pagini 240
Format Brosata

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