Where Water Meets the Rock - Lindsey Martin-bowen

de: Lindsey Martin-Bowen


Publicat de: 39 West Press

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In her fourth collection of poetry, Where Water Meets the Rock , Lindsey Martin-Bowen explores loss and recuperation in three sections. "Erosion," the book's elegiac opening sequence, laments a trinity of tragic Greek personas: Pasiphaë, Psyche, and Antigone. The middle section, "Frenzies," a series of zany poems, emulates the ensuing topsy-turvy world that follows deep loss. And finally, "On the Shore" completes the triad, concluding that by re-seeing and re-building life, one can heal the psyche and the spirit. Once again, through the use of her recurring sea-rock metaphor, Martin-Bowen has employed a poetic technique that effectively maintains both a visual and auditory descriptive style, which, according to New Letters editor Robert Stewart, is defined by her "refreshing reliance on imagery and understatement."

Anul 2017
Autor Lindsey Martin-Bowen
Categoria Women Authors
Editura 39 West Press
Pagini 100
Format Softcover

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