What We Lost in the Swamp: Poems - Grant Chemidlin

de: Grant Chemidlin


Publicat de: Central Avenue Publishing

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How do you untangle the real you from the curated you? In this introspective yet whimsical collection, poet Grant Chemidlin takes readers into the thicket of self-discovery.

What We Lost in the Swamp is a lush and vibrant collection of poems that examines the many manifestations of green: nature, inexperience, jealousy, burgeoning love, and exploring sexuality. It is a slow unfurling. It is a love letter to growth, to rediscovery, to finally learning how to speak the truth. These astonishing poems ask the reader: Who do you want to be in this world? How do you want to build a life?

This is not a coming out. This is a coming in to one's truest self.
Anul 2023
Autor Grant Chemidlin
Categoria Gay & Lesbian
Editura Central Avenue Publishing
Pagini 96
Format Softcover

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