Urban Dictionary: Best Of 2022 Definition's: X-Rated Slang Edition - Cam D. Mara

de: Cam D. Mara


Publicat de: Independently published

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Urbandictionary.com's slogan is "Define Your World" - serving more than 1.5 million visitors each month. Urban Dictionary has become the defacto place for gritty and witty definitions, many outright raunchy definitions in a look at our ever-changing language. There's no denying that the website definitions are often overtly sexual. Cam D. Mara has combed the site in order to curate this book and fill it with the most hilarious and sometimes questionable definitions.

Packed with 100 of the funniest definitions we could find. It's more than just a book, it's a look into the less dignified corners of our culture and gives eye-opening insight into our relationship with sex and intimacy. Cam D. Mara's commentary is a welcome jovial relief.

A perfect gag gift, or welcome novelty for your bathroom bookshelves, a coffee table or guest room.

The contents of this book contain both commentary, illustrations and curation by Cam d. mara. Quotes are obtained from urbandictionary.com are attributed to the authors and are their own work. Commentary, curation and imagery allow for them to be used under fair use. This book is a novelty, gag item and definitions are not attributed to cam d. mara and commentary are not to be taken seriously

Anul 2022
Autor Cam D. Mara
Categoria Adult
Editura Independently Published
Pagini 102
Format Softcover

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