Unhatched Be: The Rise of Steampunk Portland - Autumn Mist

de: Autumn Mist


Publicat de: Autumn Mist

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Pen is just another kid living in downtown Portland, wishing there was some way to gain approval from their parents. Instead, they simply feel invisible. Then, the world pops. In a matter of weeks, Pen finds themself in the center of a storm that will transform everything humans have ever known. Pen will discover that the unique hobby they picked up to pass the time could save their community and everything they love.

Will Pen find the leader waiting to blossom inside and protect Portland from the apocalypse? Or will they throw it all away to save a new friend? What fate is in store for a humanity left adrift with no electricity and little hope? Could it be a humble spirit like Pen?

Anul 2023
Autor Autumn Mist
Categoria Coming Of Age
Editura Autumn Mist
Pagini 176
Format Softcover

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