Through Sand & Snow: a man, a bicycle, and a 43,000-mile journey to adulthood via the ends of the Earth - Charlie Walker

de: Charlie Walker


Publicat de: Charlie Walker

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"A genuinely remarkable adventure. True grit and rabid perseverance." - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

★★★★★ "Excellent, gritty travel at its humid best"

★★★★★ "Fast paced, humble, fascinating, eloquently written. 100% recommend"

★★★★★ "Gripping from start to finish. I read it in just one sitting "

★★★★★ "An amazing and wonderfully written adventure...I'm not sure what will ever follow it"

★★★★★ "Factual, funny, interesting and gripping. A must read"

★★★★★ "So articulately written with real humility and honesty. I can't wait to read more "

★★★★★ "A romping true adventure with struggle, strife, love and loss. Topped off with a glorious sense of achievement"

★★★★★ "A superbly written book"

★★★★★ "You are a crazy b*****d "

★★★★★ "Compelling and beautifully written - a cut above the majority of travel writing"


Aged twenty-two, Charlie Walker left home in search of adventure. Fleeing the boredom that comes with comfort, he set off on a secondhand bicycle. The aim was simple: to pedal to the furthest point in each of Europe, Asia and Africa. He didn't train or plan. He just packed a tent and set off.

Living wild and sleeping rough in myriad countries, Charlie came to appreciate life's simple pleasures and to glory in the beauty that abounds in both nature and humanity. The journey was an escape from an unremarkable existence, a pursuit of hardship, and a chance to shed the numbing complacency of middle England. From the brutality of winter on the Tibetan plateau, to the claustrophobia of the Southeast Asian jungle, the quest provided Charlie with ample opportunity to test his mettle, often with near-fatal consequences. Ultimately, though, the toughest challenge was entirely unforeseen.

Through Sand & Snow is a searingly honest and eloquently penned coming of age tale that sweeps the reader along on a wild ride across some of the world's most beautiful and least understood lands.

Anul 2017
Autor Charlie Walker
Categoria Essays & Travelogues
Editura Charlie Walker
Pagini 286
Format Softcover

RECENZII Through Sand & Snow: a man, a bicycle, and a 43,000-mile journey to adulthood via the ends of the Earth - Charlie Walker de Charlie Walker

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