The Thirteenth Cabin: A Raegan O'Rourke Mystery - Brenda Lyne

de: Brenda Lyne


Publicat de: Brenda Lyne

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Raegan O'Rourke is a talented investigative reporter with a knack for uncovering the truth. The real truth. You see, Raegan has a gift: she touches things and sees visions of past events. She uses her "touch" to help people by holding those in power accountable in a very public way.

Raegan's gift is also a curse. It's been passed down to the women in her maternal family for generations. And for every Ainsley woman born with the touch, there is a Faust man hellbent on eradicating her and her power, or harnessing it for his own nefarious purposes. As a result, Raegan and her family live in constant fear - and the fact that she's secretly in love with a Faust only complicates things.

When her neighbors lose their beloved dog in a mysterious northern Minnesota lake resort fire, Raegan decides to use her touch to investigate the cause and bring closure to the family. In the process she uncovers another, deeper mystery that has baffled authorities and kept an Iron Range community on edge for twenty-five years.

Solving the two cases will put Raegan's abilities to the test. If, that is, she can stay alive - because some people will protect their secrets at all costs.

Anul 2022
Autor Brenda Lyne
Categoria Ghost
Editura Brenda Lyne
Pagini 320
Format Softcover

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