The Silver Knight, Paperback

de: M. Francis Lamont


Publicat de: Monica Lomond

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Banished .

What could be worse for Liam and his 'castaway' knights than to be unable to protect their beloved king?

Doesn't matter that the charges were wrong. They are still worthy of knighthood. And Camelot.

For the widowed Liam of Redbourne, jealousy and betrayal led to his unjust downfall. Now it's only him and his young knights in training.

Determined to return to Camelot, he will do whatever is required to get them there. Even marry. Anything to prove he's still the man he was before the scandal.

But what woman would want to marry a banished man?

A desperate one deemed unsuitable to marry.

Caelia dreams of her knight in shining armor, but her stubborn opinions and masculine hobbies intimidate most men. When her ailing father accepts a proposal for her from a handsome, older, wealthy knight, she must choose... marriage or a nunnery.

For Caelia, a cloistered life is no life at all.

To her surprise, Liam is not only a man she can tolerate, he's a man she could love.

But will Liam's past ruin their happily ever after? Or can Liam and his castaways prove they are worthy of knighthood, the king, and most importantly, love?

Anul 2021
Autor M. Francis Lamont
Cod de bare 9781777574307
Colectie Cast from Camelot
Editura Monica Lomond
Dimensiuni 228 x 152
ISBN 1777574307
Limba Engleza
Pagini 314
Format Brosata

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