The Sculptor, Paperback

de: Tony Gregory


Publicat de: Austin Macauley Publishers LLC

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Simon Maitland loved the feel of the clay between his fingers. He never learned to talk to other children, so this was the way he communicated. He was talented, more so than any of his teachers had ever seen, and he received the best education his wealthy parents could afford, becoming one of the leading sculptors in New York. But Simon had a secret, something inside that drove him to seek out subjects for his work - which was murder.
    Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers LLC Author(s): Tony Gregory Number of pages: 190 Publication date: 2022 Dimensions: 156 x 233 x 22 Cover type: Paperback
Anul 2022
Autor Tony Gregory
Cod de bare 9781649792976
Editura Austin Macauley Publishers LLC
Dimensiuni 156 x 233
ISBN 1649792972
Pagini 190
Format Brosata

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