The Reaper's Heart - Welland East Andrus

de: Welland East Andrus


Publicat de: Trilogy Christian Publishing

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...I was still wondering if I was completely crazy or if a miracle itself just came and saved my life.

Max's job as a reaper is simple, taking people from the moment of their death to the halfway point between this life and the next.

When tragedy strikes the life of James and he decides to take his own life, Max must decide if he should do his job and reap or if he should save him. Are reapers meant to break their boundaries? What happens when the spiritual world interferes with the physical? What will happen when someone who should be dead is still living?

Anul 2023
Autor Welland East Andrus
Categoria Miscellaneous
Editura Trilogy Christian Publishing
Pagini 240
Format Softcover

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