The Professional Wife - Maryann Reid

de: Maryann Reid


Publicat de: Alphanista Books

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Some say marriage is a job, and for Candy, it's the truth.

Candy Miller Robertson has it all. Money. Lavish vacations. Invitations to the most exclusive parties. She's come a long way.

What's her secret?

Candy is a professional wife. Taking on the most successful bachelors in Los Angeles, she commands a high fee to be the picture-perfect wife for her husband-clients.

But after two lucrative marriages, Candy finds herself single, 40, and wanting more. She agrees to take on another client - Nigerian Hollywood director and all-around bad boy Xavier Oshun - for a one-year marriage contract and a big payday.

Xavier spoils Candy rotten and makes her feel special, and together they become one of Hollywood's most notable Black power couples. Much to her surprise, Candy finds herself falling for her husband. But is Xavier everything he appears? How much of his bad-boy antics is Candy supposed to take?

And when an old flame reenters her life, will Candy cling to the security of the life she knows or risk it all to pursue true love?

Anul 2022
Autor Maryann Reid
Categoria Contemporary Women
Editura Alphanista Books
Pagini 222
Format Hardcover

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