The Parting Glass - Anthony Bulnes

de: Anthony Bulnes


Publicat de: Olympia Publishers

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Aiden Bishop is at a crossroads in his tumultuous life. He has endured a painful separation from his wife, is fighting for the right to see his young daughter and is struggling to cope with the aftermath of the horrific death of his mother. On a boozy night out, Aiden meets the beautiful Marie, the girl of his dreams. Serendipity has given him the chance to defeat the demons of his past and to find happiness with his soulmate.

Life is perfect for Aiden. He has Marie; everything is falling into place and he is finally finding peace within himself. But life rests on the turn of the dice, and a tragic event changes everything. Stuck in a frightening limbo between life and death, Aiden must face up to his past or risk losing everything he has fought for. Can Aiden find the key to redemption, and so to life?

Anul 2022
Autor Anthony Bulnes
Categoria General
Editura Olympia Publishers
Pagini 174
Format Softcover

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