The Only Woman

de: Immy Humes


Publicat de: Phaidon Press Ltd

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A compelling gallery of women who made their way into a man's world, shown through group portraits each featuring a lone womanAn original approach to gender equality, this striking pictorial statement brings to light the compelling and undeniable phenomenon of 'the only woman': across time and cultures, groups of artists, activists, scientists, servants, movie stars, or metal workers have often included exactly and only one woman.Covering examples from nearly 20 countries, from the advent of photography until the present day, author Immy Humes reveals and reframes how women and men have related socially in surprising and poignant ways. This is a fresh contribution to visual and cultural history full of unheard stories, courage, achievement, outrage, mystery, fun, and extraordinary women.A unique focus on women and men in public life from 1860 to the present day charting the phenomenon of 'the only woman' from countries including the USA and the UK, France, Peru, Mexico, India, China, Japan, and Australia. The book features both unknown and well-known women from a diverse range of backgrounds including writers, conductors, civil-rights leaders, domestic workers, sportswomen, and lawyers as well as princesses, railway workers, boxing promoters, and astronauts.
Autor Immy Humes
Anul 2022
Dimensiuni l: 21cm | H: 15cm | 2.2cm | 748g
Editura Phaidon Press Ltd
ISBN 9781838664206
Limba Engleza
Pagini 240
Format Hardcover

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