The Obsidian Palace - M. K. Hutchins

de: M. K. Hutchins


Publicat de: Immortal Works LLC

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Plum would be more comfortable cooking for diplomatic negotiations than leading them, but she's Rowak's only hope for peace. With most of the delegation imprisoned-including her beloved Bane-she hasn't made the best first impression, either.

Regardless of her precarious position, Plum must dive into the tasks of an acting ambassador. Outmaneuver the mysterious, war-mongering Lady Oakash. Survive Palaw's deadly plots. Make new allies in a foriegn, hostile country. End a war. If she can navigate all of that, she might have a chance to free the man she loves.

Anul 2023
Autor M. K. Hutchins
Categoria Coming Of Age
Editura Immortal Works LLC
Pagini 290
Format Softcover

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