The Mole Vol V Spare Part - Ron Raye

de: Ron Raye


Publicat de: New Wave Publications

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These verses are about a man trying to find his place in the world, and how he prospers by destroying others and even the ones he loves. He sets up a dichotomy that pretends to be good versus evil and we disseminate these two opposites through the voice of the God he created. Man views Him as the Supreme Being and believes, through Him, is the only way he can acquire redemption.

The unknown entity, Willem is still at large. The Priest spotted him on a trawler battling through choppy waters on the Bosphorous Straits heading into Instanbul.

The author spreads his net far in this final volume. He deals with several subjects, including love, betrayal, the haunting nature of death in man's consciousness, and his complex legacy of starting wars to destroy what he has built and his own kind. So, that a few can prosper.

The poet-speaker takes us through the modus operandi of death. In The Silencer, the poet tracks the steps and psychology of death:

The Silencer comes when life is sweet

and in his work shows little mercy.

He becomes a collaborator of time

feeding us twisted, convoluted rhymes...

I have crafted these poems with skill and intensity that goes beyond language.

Anul 2023
Autor Ron Raye
Categoria General
Editura New Wave Publications
Pagini 284
Format Softcover

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