The Lightning Warrior: A North-Western Story - Max Brand

de: Max Brand


Publicat de: Western Series Level III (24)

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The Indians called the great white wolf the Lightning Warrior because of the swiftness with which he can parry and attack. A bounty for the head of the Lightning Warrior, but no one is able to capture him. That is, until the red-haired, blue-eyed giant of a man known only as Cobalt comes to town. Struck by the charm of Sylvia Baird, Cobalt announces his intention to marry her. Sylvia's father disapproves, as does her friend, Tom Chalmers. Sylvia is only amused and, on a lark, proposes as an engagement gift that Cobalt must capture the Lightning Warrior himself. He cannot use trap, knife, or bullet. The pelt must be clear of any blemish when he brings it to her.
Anul 2023
Autor Max Brand
Categoria Westerns
Editura Western Series Level III (24)
Pagini 500
Format LibraryBinding

RECENZII The Lightning Warrior: A North-Western Story - Max Brand de Max Brand

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