The Innocents Abroad - Mark Twain

de: Mark Twain


Publicat de: Signet Book

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One of the most famous travel books ever written by an American, Twain's hilarious satire impales with sharp wit both the chauvinist and the cosmopolitan. Includes a new Introduction and Afterword. Revised reissue.
One of the most famous travel books ever written by an American, The Innocents Abroad is Mark Twain's irreverent and incisive commentary on nineteenth century Americans encountering the Old World.

Come along for the ride as Twain and his unsuspecting travel companions visit the Azores, Tangiers, Paris, Rome, the Vatican, Genoa, Gibraltar, Odessa, Constantinople, Cairo, the Holy Land and other locales renowned in history. No person or place is safe from Twain's sharp wit as it impales both the conservative and the liberal, the Old World and the New. He uses these contrasts to "find out who we as Americans are," notes Leslie A. Fiedler. But his travelogue demonstrates that, in our attempt to understand ourselves, we must first find out what we are not.

With an Introduction Michael Meyer and an Afterword by Leslie A. Fiedler
Anul 2007
Autor Mark Twain
Categoria Essays & Travelogues
Editura Signet Book
Pagini 532
Format MassMarketPaperbound
Varsta recomandata 18+

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Mark Twain

Mark Twain a fost un scriitor american renumit pentru lucrările sale de literatură umoristică și satirică. Născut sub numele de Samuel Langhorne Clemens în 1835, Twain a crescut în Hannibal, Missouri, unde a trăit experiențe care l-au influențat în scrisul său ulterior. După ce a lucrat ca tipograf în orașul său natal, Twain a plecat în Vest, unde a început să scrie pentru ziare și reviste sub numele de Mark Twain, care avea să devină unul dintre numele sale cele mai cunoscute. Vezi toate cartile scrise de Mark Twain