The Heart 200 Book: A Companion Guide to Scotland's Most Exciting Road Trip, Paperback

de: Thomas A. Christie


Publicat de: Extremis Publishing Ltd.

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The Heart 200 route is a unique road trip around some of the most beautiful locations in Central Scotland. Two hundred miles running through Stirlingshire and Perthshire, Heart 200 takes its visitors on an epic adventure to suit every taste - whether you are an outdoors enthusiast, an aficionado of history, or simply looking to enjoy yourself in some of the most stunning natural surroundings in the world.

Written with the full approval and co-operation of the Heart 200 team, The Heart 200 Book is a guide to the very best that the route has to offer. You will discover the history and culture of this remarkable region, from antiquity to the modern day, with more than a few unexpected insights along the way. Over the millennia, this amazing land has made its mark on world history thanks to famous figures ranging from the ancient Celts and the Roman Empire to King Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots, by way of Bonnie Prince Charlie, Rob Roy MacGregor, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Queen Victoria and even The Beatles

So whether you're travelling by foot, car, motorhome or bike, get ready for a journey like no other as the Heart 200 invites you to encounter standing stones and steamships, castles and chocolatiers, watersports and whisky distilleries... and surprising secrets aplenty Illustrated with full-colour photography and complete with Internet hyperlinks to accompany the attractions, The Heart 200 Book will introduce you to some of the most remarkable places in all of Scotland and encourage you to experience each and every one for yourself. It really will be a tour that you'll never forget.

Anul 2020
Autor Thomas A. Christie
Cod de bare 9781999696214
Editura Extremis Publishing Ltd.
Dimensiuni 203.2 x 203.2
ISBN 1999696212
Limba Engleza
Pagini 180
Format Brosata

RECENZII The Heart 200 Book: A Companion Guide to Scotland's Most Exciting Road Trip, Paperback de Thomas A. Christie

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