The Garbage Brothers - Paul Neville

de: Paul Neville


Publicat de: IFD Publishing

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The Garbage Brothers is a both poignant and comical coming-of-age story set in Chicago in the summer of 1969. Eighteen-year-old Jesse Wheeler's comfortable suburban existence crumbles after his father dies, leaving his naive son adrift and without prospects. After graduating (barely) from high school, Jesse finds a summer job humping garbage for Willard Sanitation Service with a crew of felons - Pickles, Zeus, Grits and their foreman Billy Bart-in the flyspeck town of Freedom. A coworker introduces Jesse to his niece, a plain-speaking young woman named Iris who reshapes Jesse's universe. Jesse's ability to survive the punishing lessons inflicted by his co-workers while winning their grudging respect and friendship fills this gritty coming-of-age story with warmth, laughter and heartache.

Anul 2023
Autor Paul Neville
Categoria Coming Of Age
Editura IFD Publishing
Pagini 208
Format Softcover

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