The Art of Masamune Shirow: Volume 3: Erotica - Jeremy Mark Robinson

de: Jeremy Mark Robinson


Publicat de: Crescent Moon Publishing

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by Jeremy Mark Robinson

This is a study of the erotic art of Masamune Shirow (real name Masanori Ota, b. 1961, Kobe, Japan), a Japanese artist best known for the comics and animations Ghost In the Shell, Appleseed and Dominion: Tank Police. Shirow-sensei is one of the great artists in the world of Japanese manga and anim� - his works have provided the basis of several important franchises.

Masamune Shirow's art is marked by futuristic, cyber-punk settings, fabulous, often eccentric designs, elaborate mecha (such as tanks and mobile suits), voluptuous warrior women and detailed storytelling (accompanied by his famous notes).

This is one of the first studies of the erotic art of Masamune Shirow in the West.

Eroticism has always been a part of Masamune Shirow's art, from his earliest works. Shirow has produced a significant amount of erotic art since the 1990s in the form of single images (his pin-ups), collections of images with a theme (his calendars and posterbooks), and groups of images with a simple plot (his erotica, published in colour books such as Gallhound, Pieces, Galgrease, Greaseberries, Wild Wet Quest, Wild West Quest, W Tails Cat and Hellhound).

The Art of Masamune Shirow: Volume 3: Erotica includes a biography; chapters on Shirow and the Japanese manga industry; Shirow's signature works in erotic art (such as his posterbooks and pin-ups); on the Intron Depot series; on the sexual content found in his well-known works (such as Appleseed and Ghost In the Shell); and on his other manga.

Each of Masamune Shirow's erotic publications are studied in this book, including Hellcat (pirates), Hellhound (horror/ fantasy), Galhound (sci-fi), Wild Wet West (cowgirls), Wild Wet Quest (action-adventure), and the Greaseberries series and the W Tails Cat series (sci-fi teams).

Fully illustrated (over 300 illustrations), including many images from Masamune Shirow's whole output. There is also a censored version of the book's text.

The Art of Masamune Shirow is published in three volumes:

Volume 1: Manga

Volume 2: Anim�

Volume 3: Erotica

Over 18's only.

Hardcover - full colour laminate cover.

Bibliography, resources and notes. 544 pages.

Anul 2021
Autor Jeremy Mark Robinson
Categoria Erotica
Editura Crescent Moon Publishing
Pagini 544
Format Hardcover

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