Taro the Zen Cat: Seasons of Change, Paperback

de: Jennifer J. Hunter


Publicat de: New Life Clarity Publishing

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Jennifer Hunter has written a very beautiful and deeply moving account of Zen life under the guidance of a Zen
Master, a Roshi. This book gives the reader a profound and accurate experience of what it is like to study in a monastic setting. In doing so, she has hit the mark on what I feel is the future of both Zen Buddhism and spiritual practice in general, the inclusion of all living beings from the greater vantage point of one world, one planet, united in harmony and respect for one another. She portrays this forest monastic community, including
cats, birds, rats, and people, living in harmony amidst their petty jealousies and envies, transcending their differences, coming from a deep realization of our oneness, and deep love and appreciation of our uniqueness.
The book brings to life the longing for meaning and purpose we all face at some point in our lives, and how this
challenged cat finds his way and truth for himself; how we find our peace and liberation not in separation from our life but in the midst of our pain and suffering and the pain and TARO THE ZEN CAT: SEASONS OF CHANGE
suffering of others. By not resisting, denying or suppressing our pain, we allow our self to experience it directly without trying or needing to escape from it. Her main character, a cat by the name of Taro asks, "What is Zen?"
"Zen," Hiroto the blackbird answers, "is the realization of your life moment by moment, lived just as it is, without
any added thoughts, opinions, or commentary." "Gennan Roshi calls Zen a direct experience of reality,"
the female cardinal, Remi, says. "You can think of Zen as more of a way of being," says Hiroto.
"Yes There's no escaping your physical existence. Roshi
talks about Zen as being practical, firmly fixed to the earth," says Remi.
My own first year of Zen was spent as a hermit deep in the mountains, alone, sitting zazen daily, chopping wood and carrying water from the nearby creeks. The book brings back beautiful memories of life lived in nature in harmony with all creatures -- rattlesnakes, mountain lions, wild turkeys, cattle, and deer.
True Zen practice is about facing oneself constantly. In monastic life the community of people called Sangha is like
stones in a creek rubbing up against one another, polishing each other's rough edges, becoming round usable stones. Jennifer's portrayal of Zen monastic life will be inspiring to those who have not experienced it directly and nostalgic for those of us who have. It re-inspired me with the love of community life based on living in harmony with all beings. After forty years of living in Zen monastic communities, I've lived the past nine years more as a layman and outside a community. Jennifer's book has rekindled the urge to be with others who share this purpose and desire to live together in harmony and practice the Way. I cried through many parts of the book, reflecting on my
experiences at a much earlier time in my life of the strong disciplined, love of community, and the often ruthless
compassion of practice with my Zen Master, Maezumi Roshi. D. Genpo Merzel, Roshi
https: //www.BigMind.org/

Anul 2019
Autor Jennifer J. Hunter
Cod de bare 9780578597980
Editura New Life Clarity Publishing
Dimensiuni 210.1 x 140
ISBN 0578597985
Limba Engleza
Pagini 220
Format Brosata

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