Straight to the Point Self Defence: Your Definitive Guide to Self Protection, Paperback

de: Simon Hunt


Publicat de: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Have you ever wanted to learn a few effective self-defence techniques that would keep you and your family safe? Well, now you can follow this STRAIGHT TO THE POINT self-defence book. #1 Best seller in martial arts This is not an overwhelming overcomplicated book. This book is full of easy to do yet extremely effective practical techniques. This book is accompanied by a series of photographs to demonstrate each technique. After you have read this book, you will also have a three step checklist system to prepare you mentally and physically for any situation. We have spent countless hours on the mat recreating actual situations to work out the quickest, most effective route to safety. We have done all the hard work for you. Techniques you will learn: - Space Gaining Technique - Knife Defence Technique - Defence from Kicks - Defence from a Punch - Defence from a Headbutt - Defence from a Behind Grab - Defence from an Overhead Attack - Defence against a Baseball Swing - Close Quarters defence - Defence from a Seated Position Click the BUY IT NOW button and you will instantly have access to a manual to return to again and again.

About the Author:

ABOUT ME I have been studying martial arts for over twenty years now and am an experienced practitioner at black belt level. I have trained with some of the top instructors in my home country and Japan. I've trained in pretty much all of the most popular, and some not so popular, arts. I also train in self-defence classes with lots of practitioners from various backgrounds including security industries. In these classes, we go through real-life situations that have happened. We focus on replicating the things that work, not necessarily those moves which are considered "correct." I myself have over twelve years' experience of campus security; over the years dealing with big gangs of trespassers, drunks, burglars, drug addicts/dealers, vandals, arsonists and just unhappy aggressive people. The best I feel is when I am confronted with a situation, let's say a group of aggressive people on my own, and am able to influence them without it turning physical. This I have learnt to do over many years using body language and psychology, some of which you will learn in this book.

Anul 2014
Autor Simon Hunt
Cod de bare 9781507588437
Editura Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dimensiuni 204x127
ISBN 1507588437
Limba Engleza
Pagini 98
Format Brosata

RECENZII Straight to the Point Self Defence: Your Definitive Guide to Self Protection, Paperback de Simon Hunt

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