Soft in the Middle, Paperback

de: Shelby Eileen


Publicat de: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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"there are so many words I've left unsaidso instead of going another year or five or tenin brutal, crushing silencedon't waste this opportunitydon't be scared when the full weight of my hearttests the strength of your handsI'm trusting you with something I barely trust myself withthis knowingthis tellingthis momentous uprootingI'm hereI amI am right here in these words"A debut poetry collection about love, heartbreak, body image, how absolutely breathtaking girls are, flower blooms and starlight.

Anul 2017
Autor Shelby Eileen
Cod de bare 9781977841889
Editura Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dimensiuni 229x153
ISBN 1977841880
Limba Engleza
Pagini 154
Format Brosata

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