Shipping Container Home: 30+ Easy Decorating & Designing Ideas, Paperback

de: Imogen Murphy


Publicat de: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Shipping Container Home 30+ Easy Decorating & Designing Ideas Transforming shipping containers into new homes - sometimes known as 'Cargotecture' - is a rapidly growing industry all over the world. Professionals and amateurs alike have been using containers to create homes, offices, studios and storage spaces, as well as being used as emergency accommodation following natural disasters. This method of creating buildings is relatively cheap, eco-friendly (since they do not require new materials to construct and are saving space in landfill that would otherwise be taken up by abandoned containers) and allows the designer to create practical, perfectly-adapted and unique homes. They are easy to install and transport, quick to convert and sturdy enough to stand up to extremes of weather. Once you have designed and built your new home, however, you are still faced with the challenge of living in a space which is likely to be much smaller than a standard domestic home, as well as having a few physical and structural limitations. In this book we will go through some of the important points to consider, such as: Exterior decoration Gardens, plants and roofs Furniture Making the most of limited space Decluttering your possessions Building your house is just the beginning. This book will help you turn your brand new container into a proper home. Download your E book "Shipping Container Home: 30+ Easy Decorating & Designing Ideas " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button Tags: shipping container house, shipping container designs, shipping container house plans, shipping container home plans, shipping container architecture, shipping container home construction, tiny house living, how to build a shipping container home

Anul 2015
Autor Imogen Murphy
Cod de bare 9781512260755
Editura Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dimensiuni 229x153
ISBN 1512260754
Limba Engleza
Pagini 26
Format Brosata

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