Sacred Sites: Glastonbury, Paperback

de: Serene Conneeley


Publicat de: Serene Conneeley/Blessed Bee

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Glastonbury, a small town in the English countryside, is renowned as the mystical Isle of Avalon - a place of myth and legend, and the spiritual heart of the country. It was a centre of druidic learning, a place of goddess worship and healing, the site of the first Christian church in Britain, and the reputed location of King Arthur's Camelot. Today it remains sacred to people of all religions and cultures, yet it hides many of its secrets within the mysterious mists of Avalon.

Within the pages of Sacred Sites: Glastonbury, you will:

* Cross over through the mists and experience the magic of the priestesses of old, reawakened today through new rituals dedicated to the goddess and beautiful celebrations that mark the seasons.

* Climb the slopes of the majestic Tor and feel the power of the sun and of the earth, absorb the energy of the leylines that run through the town, and drink the healing waters from sacred Chalice Well.

* Visit the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, walk the ceremonial labyrinth into the heart of the Tor, marvel at ancient oaks, and sit beneath the holy thorn tree said to have grown from Joseph's staff.

* Learn the history of a town that has been home to kings and queens, archbishops and saints, priestesses, seers and authors, and continues to draw new pilgrims to walk this magical land.

* Read interviews with Colette Baron-Reid and Lucy Cavendish.

Anul 2020
Autor Serene Conneeley
Cod de bare 9780980548730
Editura Serene Conneeley/Blessed Bee
Dimensiuni 178.1 x 108
ISBN 098054873X
Limba Engleza
Pagini 112
Format Brosata

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