Sacred Blisters - Steve Walther

de: Steve Walther


Publicat de: Writers Republic LLC

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If you are wanting to learn more about El Camino de Santiago, my intent in sharing my experiences is to motivate you to take your first step onto "The Way of St. James."
For those who know the sound of gravel crunching beneath your boots keeping time with the rhythm of the clicking walking sticks and church bells chiming in the distance, then my hope is to remind you of that special feeling that one can only get while on the pilgrimage to Santiago. With my experiences, stories and lessons learned on the Camino, I know your own memories and emotions will bring smiles, tears and a warmed heart.
Once The Camino de Santiago is in you, you are changed forever. The history, mystery, culture, food, local people and most importantly, the pilgrims, all come together to create something beyond place. El Camino is not just a trail and the pilgrimage is far more than a hike. Some walk for religious reasons or to seek spiritual answers. Others walk to mourn the loss of loved ones. I met many pilgrims who set off seeking an adventurous physical challenge and came home realizing that perhaps the mental challenge was both more a daunting and fulling task.
For whatever your inspiration for walking El Camino de Santiago may be, you will return a better person. Pilgrims bring a piece of the mystical feeling back with them. Once you have stepped foot on your first Camino, you will undoubtedly already be thinking about your next adventure! Please join me in "Sacred Blisters" as I dive into what makes El Camino such a magical and unforgettable journey and leaves pilgrims glowing inside and out!

Anul 2023
Autor Steve Walther
Categoria General
Editura Writers Republic LLC
Pagini 162
Format Hardcover

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