Rock Eater - Mason Rodrigue

de: Mason Rodrigue


Publicat de: Dead Reckoning Collective

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"The Marines are a cult that works. They are a gang that's lawful."


These words played on a PBS documentary about the Marine Corps while Mason sat on a couch wondering what to do after college. In search of something unnamed, the poems in Rock Eater tell the story of what he found as a Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps. It is a love letter to Marines and a middle finger to everything else. It is an exploration of identity, loyalty, culture, violence, love, hate, loss, addiction, trauma, forgiveness, and healing through poetry. Above all, Rock Eater is an answer to the question, "what happens when a man gets turned into a weapon and aimed at nothing?"

Anul 2022
Autor Mason Rodrigue
Categoria Death
Editura Dead Reckoning Collective
Pagini 168
Format Softcover

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