Ringerike Style Essentials: How to Create Viking Age Art - Jonas Lau Markussen

de: Jonas Lau Markussen


Publicat de: Jonas Lau Markussen

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The Ringerike style (c. 1000-1075 CE) is one of the quintessential styles of the Viking Age. But how do you recreate the style in accordance with its original principles? Ringerike Style Essentials unlocks the secrets of the enigmatic craft of knotwork creation and makes it approachable for you to create your own unique designs.

All the essential principles and concepts you need are broken down through clear illustrations and graphics in an easy-to-understand manner to help you quickly acquire a good grasp of the individual building blocks composing the style. Furthermore, you'll learn how to create variety by reconfiguring and combining the ornamental elements to customise your designs.

Step-by-step, this book walks you through the process of constructing an intricate knotwork-based composition. From analysing the references to laying out the composition's main lines and shaping the ornament's details. You'll acquire a manageable approach to the otherwise complex and daunting task of composing intricate knotwork patterns.

Anul 2023
Autor Jonas Lau Markussen
Categoria Medieval
Editura Jonas Lau Markussen
Pagini 108
Format Softcover

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