Rawlins, No Longer Young - Rick Destefanis

de: Rick Destefanis


Publicat de: Rick Destefanis

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Award-winning author Rick DeStefanis brings his storytelling talents to a new genre with this exciting historical fiction western set against the backdrop of the Civil War and the American West.

Virgil Rawlins is left without family or friends as he is swept into the maelstrom that encompasses the last years of the American Civil War. Lost in a world of brutality and inhumanity, the teenaged Rawlins matures--as did many of the Wild West's first outlaws--with revenge and hatred as his only motivations. He heads westward before the war's end, making his way to the town of Independence and the Oregon Trail, but along the way he meets the remarkably beautiful Sarah McCaskey and learns that the rights and wrongs in his life cannot be defined simply as blue and gray.

When Sarah tells Rawlins of her loss to Confederate guerrilla Bloody Bill Anderson, Rawlins begins to question his own assumptions. Joining a wagon train as a hunter/scout, he heads westward into the raging Indian War of 1865. Along the way he earns a reputation as a well-respected fighter, and he must finally decide what kind of man he will be--outlaw, lawman, or perhaps, neither.

Rawlins, No Longer Young is guaranteed to stir debate and enlighten readers with the experiences of these turbulent years as seen through the eyes of a young Confederate soldier.

Anul 2018
Autor Rick Destefanis
Categoria Westerns
Editura Rick Destefanis
Pagini 294
Format Hardcover

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