Princess' Vow: A Cursed Kingdom Novel - Rhiannon Kay

de: Rhiannon Kay


Publicat de: Fulton Books

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Seventeen-year-old Princess Alyra is the heir to the powerful Tigran shapeshifter kingdom. But life as a princess is anything but butterflies and rainbows. Her days are filled with planning for a future full of political disagreements and war, all while trying to maintain her friendships.

Besides being royalty, Alyra is no regular shifter. She is gifted with the ability to see the future and the past, something that is so uncommon it hasn't been seen in a shifter in a millennia. This ability may wreak havoc on her daily life, but unbeknownst to her, it will save her life.

On an ill-fated run one day, she finds the prince to the throne of her sworn enemy dead. She's instantly suspected of murder and taken captive to pay for her uncommitted crimes. But once the truth comes out, an unexpected alliance between ever-warring kingdoms turns into a beautiful romance in the midst of a state of war that could destroy both kingdoms forever.

Anul 2022
Autor Rhiannon Kay
Categoria General
Editura Fulton Books
Pagini 212
Format Softcover

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