Poetry of the Incredible

de: Jonas C. Haefeli


Publicat de: Benteli Verlag

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Enchanted and Intriguing Universes, Truths and RealitiesThe works published in this volume by Jonas C. Haefeli, who calls himself a "quarterly painter", appear surrealistic at first glance, However, on closer inspection they rather reflect the spirit of Fantastic Realism. The roots of this style lie in German and Dutch Mannerism, in Art Nouveau, in New Objectivity, and also in Surrealism. Haefeli's paintings are characterized by - only supposedly realistic - fantasy spaces whose access must first be deciphered.Each painting is juxtaposed with a page of text with poetic, (pseudo-)scientific, ironically pointed, or also decidedly funny-absurd picture lines, quotations, newspaper clippings and miniature stories. In this way, the enigmatic works of art are explained, supplemented or even exaggerated caricature-style by yet another dimension.
Autor Jonas C. Haefeli
Anul 2023
Dimensiuni l: 29cm | H: 25cm | 1.7cm | 900g
Editura Benteli Verlag
ISBN 9783716518717
Limba Engleza
Pagini 128
Format Hardcover

RECENZII Poetry of the Incredible de Jonas C. Haefeli

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