#PassportReady: The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel, Paperback

de: Eva Zu Beck


Publicat de: Ovaviu Publishing

75.99 Lei

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As we begin to get a hold on Covid-19, the world is slowly starting to open up. If you've ever wanted to travel alone, but weren't sure where to start, this is the book for you.#PassportReady is the ultimate guide for the modern woman who wants to hit the road solo. The book covers every aspect of travel, is loaded with useful resources, and features the personal stories of 26 intrepid women to awaken your wanderlust. If you think you've heard it all, this inspiring book will surprise you with extra secrets you won't find anywhere else. You'll learn how to: ➳ Plan the perfect trip from start to finish➳ Travel on a tight budget➳ Travel the world for free➳ Travel more if you have a full-time job➳ Quit your job to travel the world (the right way)➳ Pack light and pack right➳ Handle life and challenges on the road➳ Be an ethical and mindful traveller ➳ Take epic travel vlogs and photos and much much more.Stop waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect someone, and get ready to discover the world on your own terms
Anul 2020
Autor Eva Zu Beck
Cod de bare 9781838168513
Editura Ovaviu Publishing
Dimensiuni 229.1 x 151.9
ISBN 1838168516
Limba Engleza
Pagini 220
Format Brosata

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