Particular Passages 4: South Wing - Sam Knight

de: Sam Knight


Publicat de: Knight Writing Press

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15 Stories, 15 Authors

Down an abandoned hallway lie forgotten rooms.

Each room contains secrets left, forgotten, lost, or locked away...

Some are wonderful and beautiful, others are dark and terrible.

There's no way to know which until you step inside.

So take a deep breath and open the door.

Particular Passages 4: South Wing

With stories by Alex Zalben -- Thea Hutcheson -- H.Y. Gregor -- Sonny Zae -- David Powell -- C. Dan Castro -- W.O. Hemsath -- Elana Gomel -- Laura G. Kaschak -- JM Williams -- Carolyn Ivy Stein -- Eve Morton -- Gregory J. Glanz -- Katie Kent -- Arlen Feldman -- Edited by Sam Knight

Anul 2022
Autor Sam Knight
Categoria Anthologies (multiple Authors)
Editura Knight Writing Press
Pagini 262
Format Softcover

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