Our Bones Ache Together - Kendra Nuttall

de: Kendra Nuttall


Publicat de: Flowersong Press

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2020 changed us. From a global pandemic that uprooted our lives and took the lives of

countless loved ones, to cries for justice that rang out across the world, 2020 is a year that we

cannot forget. It's a year that we shouldn't forget. Written almost entirely in isolation during

the COVID-19 pandemic, Our Bones Ache Together is a journey of heartache, home, healing,

and hope. Documenting the disappearance of the middle class, growing wealth disparity, and

life during seemingly endless unprecedented times, these poems remind us of the pain we

carry, but also of the hands we hold to keep moving. Life goes on, even when we don't believe

it can. From the coldest winter, spring blooms.

Anul 2023
Autor Kendra Nuttall
Categoria General
Editura Flowersong Press
Pagini 80
Format Softcover

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