Oracles of the Motherland - Wole Daramola

de: Wole Daramola


Publicat de: Authorhouse

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Oracles Of The Motherland is an African story that describes the beauty and harmonious dwellings in some parts of the kingdoms within the continent of Africa in the time of old. It also goes in-depth on the struggles, cultures, betrayals and wars within Od�duw� and the surrounding kingdoms.

�jos�, king of the African kingdom of Od�duw�, had maintained peace in the region for years. But the gods and oracles of the land could not ignore the cries of innocent blood that had been spilled. The peace that Od�duw� had enjoyed would soon be shattered.

L�l� would give her life for Ad�lol�, her queen. But when a selfish act forces L�l� to flee for her life, it sets in motion events that had grave consequences for Od�duw�.

Anul 2022
Autor Wole Daramola
Categoria Suspense
Editura Authorhouse
Pagini 222
Format Hardcover

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