Noumena - Aisha Tritle

de: Aisha Tritle


Publicat de: Black Rose Writing

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Astrid was brought back six months ago for one purpose: to help restore balance in the city.

Blessed with a broken moral compass and a past she can't remember, Astrid fills her role as a Regulator with ease. Every day, she kills Unworthies-those deemed unfit to be a part of the society so carefully constructed after the Infirmum swept through the earth a hundred years ago, leaving all the children dead and all the adults infertile.

With humanity now reliant on a weekly injection to survive, everyone is young, beautiful, and almost immortal... including the enigmatic doctor who renewed her, Michael.

As the city is pushed into a new ice age and she's drawn into a rebellion, Astrid realizes she knows dangerously little about the place she lives and the people she kills for. When Michael reveals the reason he's been able to survive for so long, Astrid finds out she won't just have to save the city, she will also have to decide what it truly means to be human.

Written by award-winning entertainment strategist Aisha Tritle, this cyberpunk thriller is perfect for fans of sci-fi classics Brave New World and Logan's Run .

Anul 2023
Autor Aisha Tritle
Categoria Apocalyptic & Post-apocalyptic
Editura Black Rose Writing
Pagini 278
Format Softcover

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