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(Edition revised in 2023), MICHELIN National Map Romania will give you an overall picture of your journey thanks to its clear and accurate mapping scale 1/750,000. Our National Map Series will help you easily plan your safe and enjoyable journey thanks to a comprehensive key, a complete name index as well a clever time & distance chart. Michelin's driving information will help you navigate safely in all circumstances. In addition, some MICHELIN National Maps are cross-referenced with the MICHELIN Green Guide highlighting destinations worth stopping for! With MICHELIN National Maps, find more than just your way! MICHELIN NATIONAL MAPS feature: * Up-to-date mapping * A scale adapted to the size of the country * A clear and comprehensive key * Distance and time chart * Place name index * Driving and road safety information * Tourist sights information Our maps are regularly updated even if the ISBN does not change.
Anul 2023
Dimensiuni l: 11.1cm | H: 25.6cm | 1.1cm | 100g
ISBN 9782067259621
Limba Engleza

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