Media Blasting & Metal Preparation: A Complete Guide, Paperback

de: Matt Joseph


Publicat de: Cartech

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A key component, often overlooked, in automotive restoration is metal preparation. In essence, all the best bodywork, primer, and fancy paint won't do you any good if the metal surface it adheres to is not expertly prepared. How many times at a classic car show have you seen imperfections in the paint, bubbles coming from underneath, and body filler separating from the metal? In almost every instance this is the result of poor metal preparation during the initial stages of the restoration process.

In Media Blasting & Metal Preparation: A Complete Guide, restoration expert and veteran author Matt Joseph gives you all the tools you need to expertly prepare your car, motorcycle, or anything made of metal for the next stages of restoration. Covered are basic metal considerations such as type and size of metal; intended purpose of cleaning the metal; approaches to cleaning metal through chemical, mechanical abrasive, and media abrasive systems; mastering the processes for consistent results; small- and large-scale projects; and post-cleaning prep procedures.

In short, anyone who takes shortcuts in the metal preparation area of restoration is virtually guaranteed disappointment down the road. With this handy new guide, Joseph provides all you need to know for a successful and long-lasting restoration.

Anul 2016
Autor Matt Joseph
Cod de bare 9781613251652
Editura Cartech
Dimensiuni 276 x 215 x 10
ISBN 1613251653
Limba Engleza
Pagini 144
Format Brosata

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