Maja Ruznic: Consulting with Shadows - Maja Ruznic

de: Maja Ruznic


Publicat de: Karma, New York

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Ruznic's nocturnal reveries wade postpartum anguish in powerfully somber jewel tones

Across Consulting with Shadows, New Mexico-based painter Maja Ruznic (born 1983) invokes the profundity of shadows with her palette, evidencing the beauty and clarity that can emerge from literal--and psychological--darkness. "Noticing color at night is like receiving an unexpected gift," she explains. Formed in the crucible of sleepless nights after the birth of her daughter, while struggling with postpartum depression, Ruznic's recent work depicts permutations of a family unit: Father; Daughter; Mother & Child; Mother & Father; Father Daughter Mother. Blurred forms bleed into one another on deep jewel tones. So too, personal and ancient history blends with Ruznic's treatment. The real night intermingles with the psychological night of anguish and melts into the mythic underworld. Personal experiences of motherhood are saturated by her own exploration of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, who journeys to a world of shadows.

Anul 2022
Autor Maja Ruznic
Categoria Monographs
Editura Karma, New York
Pagini 312
Format Hardcover

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