Lua Scripting Made Stupid Simple, Paperback

de: Jordan Kaufman


Publicat de: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Are you sick of How-To publishers calling you an "Idiot" or one of their "Dummies"? Well, we give you the respect you deserve but we make the SUBJECT Stupid Simple.

In "LUA Scripting Made Stupid Simple" we get you scripting really quick in an easy and enjoyable manner. We cover the following subjects quickly in a way easy to absorb:

    Commenting in Lua Variables and Data Types Math functions Conditionals Strings Cases Looping For Loops Tables Functions Variadic Functions Closure Coroutines File I/O Modules Metatable Object-oriented programming Inheritance

Plus free downloadable code at http: //
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About the Author:

Jordan Kaufman has almost two decades of experience in technology centered primarily around enterprise software, audio engineering, and alternative animation techniques.
Kaufman also recently started an online community called http: // which promotes youth entrepreneurship, education and alternatives to college.

Anul 2015
Autor Jordan Kaufman
Cod de bare 9781519322593
Editura Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Dimensiuni 230x152
ISBN 1519322593
Limba Engleza
Pagini 70
Format Brosata

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