Insignia: Scars of Lumierna - Kelsea Koops

de: Kelsea Koops


Publicat de: Kitsap Publishing

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Stirling, a young man from the city of Lumierna within the medieval Kingdom of Wyverna, stares down at the scars on his right arm. One of the scars is inked, marking the talent society has chosen for him. The other three are claw marks, evidence of his own trail he created. When he closes his eyes, he can hear the creaking of the noose, but the rope isn't around his neck-not yet. He can still turn back. He knows his role. He knows how to play the character society assigned to him in their charade of freedom.But then, sitting between the massive feathered wings of his best friend's back, Stirling reaches down and pats the orange scales on the elongated neck. The dragon's curved claws grip the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean. Then, gradually, they tilt forward. Finally, their weight shifts over the ledge to face the waters a great distance below. Will he choose to fly?
Anul 2022
Autor Kelsea Koops
Categoria Historical
Editura Kitsap Publishing
Pagini 550
Format Softcover

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