I'm Leaving It, Paperback

de: Paul Dore


Publicat de: Paul Dore Creative Services

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This collection of stories has it all - action, adventure, love, death, car crashes, and a trip to the Olympic Games. The title comes from the unfortunate combination of an elbow and a prominent nose during a figure skating mishap. Bet you've never read a sentence like that before.

Paul Dore's singular voice connects these disparate stories into four parts. Love explores all the ways he has failed at finding The One. Identity mixes fiction and reality into compelling and suspenseful narratives. True Stories, I Swear , well, is a series of true stories. Nowhere to go but up reveals the difficulties of recovering from a near-deadly car accident.

These stories come together to explore life, death, and everything in between. Welcome to Paul's world, where you'll laugh and maybe even get a bit teary-eyed, depending on your perspective.

Anul 2021
Autor Paul Dore
Cod de bare 9781999406790
Editura Paul Dore Creative Services
Dimensiuni 215 x 139
ISBN 1999406796
Limba Engleza
Pagini 210
Format Brosata

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