Ginger Star - Diana L. Mcdonough

de: Diana L. McDonough


Publicat de: Diana McDonough

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It's 1719, the Golden Age of Piracy. Ronnie, a female stowaway on a pirate ship and Amari, a soon-to-be-sold African, escape to the shore of Jamaica. Their lives collide with Adria's, a plantation owner's daughter, who gives them refuge and suggests Amari go to live with the Maroons, a tribe of escaped slaves, in order to elude the auction block.

Ginger Star reveals ugly truths about piracy and planation life while dealing with women's issues, some of which still haunt us today. Ginger Star is a prequel to the "Stuck in the Onesies" series as well as a stand-alone work of historical fiction.

Anul 2022
Autor Diana L. McDonough
Categoria Historical
Editura Diana McDonough
Pagini 472
Format Softcover

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