Frost and Sunshine: Magic in Myth #1 - J. S. Alexandria

de: J. S. Alexandria


Publicat de: Shadow Rain Publishing

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"Once the fae-once the Silver Valley Council-wants you," Roger lifted his eyes to Slate, "they will stop at nothing until they have you."

Welcome to Faerloch, Germany, the City of Wonder, where magic thrives deep within a modern metropolis.

Daniella O'Callaghan has a unique talent, a secret talent known to only a few in the hidden world of Lorekind. But the world of the Lore can be a dangerous one, something Dani knows first hand. With the exception of a witch and a vampire for best friends, she's managed to keep her life almost normal.

That all changes when she meets Slate Melisande, a human who suddenly finds the fae hot on his heels. He is as charming as he is clueless of the Lore and its dangers. Logic tells her to walk away, but Slate and his wicked humor ignite a heat inside her that burns away her resolve to stay away from anything involving the dangerous fae.

As the mystery surrounding Slate unravels, Dani finds herself balanced on a precipice, caught between the nightmares of her past and the promise of a future worth any risk. Dani and Slate are soon embroiled in an unexpected faerietale that may not have a happy ending.

After all, in the City of Wonder, there's always a little magic in myth.

And magic can be dangerous.

Anul 2023
Autor J. S. Alexandria
Categoria Urban
Editura Shadow Rain Publishing
Pagini 434
Format Hardcover

RECENZII Frost and Sunshine: Magic in Myth #1 - J. S. Alexandria de J. S. Alexandria

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