Fragments: The Prophecy - Cole Stephens

de: Cole Stephens


Publicat de: Chris Cole

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Jake and the others have a simple mission: find the Omnia Fragment, and keep it away from Benedetti. But things get complicated as they're pursued across the ocean to the fragment's final resting place in the Mariana Trench. They don't know what they'll find when they get there, or who out of their group of seven will become The Primarch--the person who can control all the elements.

Things go from bad to worse when, after their final dive in the Mariana Trench in a stolen submarine, the United States government is there to meet them with more questions than guns--and they have a lot of guns.

With the government now involved, will they be able to stop Benedetti from getting the fragment and unleashing war on the planet? And who will become The Primarch?

Anul 2022
Autor Cole Stephens
Categoria Action & Adventure
Editura Chris Cole
Pagini 338
Format Softcover

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