Finding Calcutta: Memoirs of a Photographer, Hardcover

de: Marie Bissell Constantin


Publicat de: Lulu Publishing Services

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In 1984, Mother Teresa arrived in New Orleans to speak to a large crowd waiting in the Superdome. As Marie Bissell Constantin drove in from Baton Rouge to take her photograph, she had no idea that her encounter would mark the first of many, and that one day one of her images of Mother Teresa would be unveiled in front of over three hundred thousand people for her beatification ceremony in St. Peter's Square. In her photographic memoir, Constantin leads others through her unique journey of exploring the possibility of becoming a nun herself as she traveled to capture Mother Teresa in rare, private moments. In addition to powerful black-and-white images of Mother Teresa, Constantin shares personal stories that shine a light on the selfless life of nuns, from other religious orders, who live and work among the most abandoned people in the world.
Anul 2016
Autor Marie Bissell Constantin
Cod de bare 9781483454764
Editura Lulu Publishing Services
Dimensiuni 228.6 x 152.4
ISBN 1483454762
Limba Engleza
Pagini 130
Format Cartonata

RECENZII Finding Calcutta: Memoirs of a Photographer, Hardcover de Marie Bissell Constantin

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