Experiencing Greater: An Intimate Journey with God - Sonyia Richardson

de: Sonyia Richardson



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If God offered you a ride, would you go?

Royalty lives in a large, overcrowded metropolitan city--Peasantville--where she settles for average, just like her friends, family, and neighbors. They're all leading simple, mediocre, relatively unfulfilling lives. Though she's comfortable and tries to do her best with what she's got, everything about her existence is unexceptional. A good peasant, she works hard at her job, goes to church, where she prays and pitches in, comes home, and rarely pursues lofty goals. All this is about to change when a car pulls up beside her on the street, the front window rolls down, and the strange driver in it-God in disguise-invites her to take a ride.

Will Royalty seize this chance to experience something greater? To go, she must choose to become a backseat rider and trust the driver. Climbing into that car is the start of a remarkable relationship and an unexpected adventure of self-discovery, deepening of faith, and raised expectations. Filled with different emotional challenges to overcome at stops along the way, Royalty wakes from complacency to the possibility of freedom.

A greater destiny is on the road ahead.

Anul 2023
Autor Sonyia Richardson
Categoria Religious
Pagini 160
Format Softcover

RECENZII Experiencing Greater: An Intimate Journey with God - Sonyia Richardson de Sonyia Richardson

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