Existential Thirst Trap - Robert Dean

de: Robert Dean


Publicat de: Big Laugh Comedy

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This book is a love letter to punk rock ethos, mixtape culture, and experiencing life one shot of Jameson at a time. It's raw, funny, and emotional-equal parts Sedaris and Bukowski, with an unforgettable twist. If you've ever had a drink with a stranger in a dark bar or had your heart kicked in one too many times, this book is for you. The collection touches on everything from divorce, mental health, moving to New Orleans with $300 and no job to now living in Austin, Texas, somehow, with a writing career. There's wild ass drinking stories, Buddhism, death, newfound happiness, and all that weirdness in between.

Robert Dean is a journalist, raconteur, and enlightened dumbass. His work has been featured in places like Mic, Eater, Fatherly, Yahoo, Austin American-Statesman, Consequence of Sound, Ozy, The Austin Chronicle, USA Today, to name a few. He's appeared on CNN and NPR. He also serves as features writer for Hussy Magazine, Culture Clash, and Pepper Magazine. He's Editor in Chief at Big Laugh Comedy, Texas' premier comedy production company. He lives in Austin and loves ice cream and koalas.

Anul 2023
Autor Robert Dean
Categoria General
Editura Big Laugh Comedy
Pagini 162
Format Softcover

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